Who we are?

We are Student Ambassadors for Israel!

Recent surveys reveal a disturbing drop in support for Israel among young Christians. They simply do not share the same faith-driven commitment to stand for Israel and the Jewish people as their parents do. And this makes them more vulnerable to the misinformation about Israel that is common in the media.

Anticipating the consequences of this trend, The Fellowship is once again leading the way by providing the Seminary and University Outreach department. We’re reaching out to the next generation of Christians worldwide, strengthening their bonds with the Jewish roots of their faith, and instilling a commitment to stand for Israel in her struggle for peace, freedom, and security.

The Outreach Department will deepen students’ understanding of the Jewish roots of Christianity as well as their connection to Israel through hands-on volunteer projects and student chapters on campus.

Through meaningful partnerships with Christian seminaries and universities, we will help the next generation of Christian leaders reconnect with the Jewish roots of their faith, develop a spiritual love for Israel, and forge a commitment to her welfare and survival for generations to come.

The vision:

The vision of the Fellowship Student Ambassador Chapter is to provide opportunities to connect with, engage, and inspire the next generation of college student leaders to understand the Jewish roots of their faith. The Fellowship Student Ambassador Chapter wants to deepen student’s spiritual bonds with Israel by providing a myriad of opportunities for students to assist in building bridges of cooperation between Christians and Jews. Fellowship Student Ambassador Chapters will also offer an educational platform to campus communities on the importance of the past, present, and future of Israel.

Meet the Team:

Rev. Roger Cheeks

Senior Director of Outreach

Roger is currently serving as the Senior Director of Outreach for the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews. As an educator, community and ministry leader, Roger uses his leadership grace to influence and motivate people to achieve their dreams, especially for those who are broken, rejected, and wounded by life’s circumstances. Roger spent 30 years ago in higher education beginning as the Assistant Director of the African American Center and Assistant Dean in Student Life at Indiana State University. He has served as the Assistant Director of Student Services, Director of Student Life, Chaplain, Director of Campus Ministries, Director of Community Life, Director of Student Activities & Leadership and the founding Director of Athletics at Regent University. Roger was a former city-councilman in the city of Terre Haute, Indiana, and was the first African American in 127 years in the history of the city to hold any elected office. Ebony magazine recognized Roger as one of “America’s 50 Young Leaders of Tomorrow.”

Roger Cheeks’ life and message crosses racial, gender, socio-economic and denominational lines and is intended to reach people where they live.

Brandi Rowe

Outreach Field Coordinator

Brandi is currently the Outreach Field Coordinator, assisting the Senior Director in daily outreach initiatives, and shares her love for Israel. As she entered into college to study Christian Ministries, she knew that God was calling her to visit Isreal. In the Spring of 2018, she went on a life-changing trip that would alter her God-given purpose. Seeing such diversity in Israel, and misunderstanding she wanted to bridge the relationship between Christians and Jews. By God's blessing, Brandi started working at the Fellowship as a student worker and the President of the first Fellowship Student Ambassador Chapter at Regent University. After graduating Regent in May 2021, she began to work for the Fellowship full-time, bringing her enthusiasm, creativity, and boldness to teach others about the Jewish roots of their faith. Brandi is always available to help Fellowship Scholars connect with our Fellowship Scholars programs or join a Fellowship Student Ambassador Chapter.

Shawrath Anthony

Student Worker

Shawrath is originally from India and is pursuing an MBA at ORU in Tulsa, Oklahoma. He has been with the Fellowship Outreach Department for a little over 2 years now, and it has been one of the biggest honors of his life.
He is very passionate about seeing reformation and restoration for every people group, and by serving in the Outreach Department, he not only advocates for Israel and the lives of The Jews around the world but also stands up for Truth. The fellowship has allowed him to combine his passion for justice and faith. His advice for future Fellowship Scholars is, "no matter who you are and where you are at in life, we need you here at the fellowship because although one can kill a thousand, two can kill ten thousand. There are a lot of voices that have risen against Israel and her people in our age, and it is up to you and me to use our voice and platform to stand up for Truth on our campuses and in our everyday lives."

How to start a Fellowship Student Ambassador Chapter?

  1. Contact the Outreach Department at [email protected]
  2. The Senior Director of Outreach of The Fellowship cultivates relationships with Senior/ Mid-level administrators at Seminaries and Universities.
  3. The Senior/Mid-level college administrators along with the Senior Director of Outreach meet with students interested in starting a chapter on campus.
  4. Interested students conduct a student interest meeting to present FSA Chapter.
  5. Fellowship Student Ambassador Chapters operating on campuses must submit a charter and/ or must receive written approval from the respective institution and adhere to all student organization policies and procedures of their institution.
  6. Complete Fellowship Student Ambassador Application and Submit to the institution.
  7. Once a chapter is approved by the institution, the Senior Director of Outreach will conduct an induction ceremony for the members
  8. All inducted Fellowship Student Ambassador chapter members must complete the introductory Fellowship Scholars course entitled; Keys to ISRAEL within 45 days after induction.
  9. Chapter Governance – includes Fellowship Student Ambassador executive leaders (president, vice president, secretary, and treasurer), a faculty/ staff advisor, and bylaws that do not conflict with the mission, vision, and purpose of the host institution and The International Fellowship of Christians and Jews.
  10. Affiliation Agreement with The Fellowship
    • Fellowship Student Ambassador Chapter organization structure has an affiliate relationship with The International Fellowship of Christians and Jews. The Fellowship Student Ambassador Chapter will submit the following items to the Outreach department:
      • Submit Semester chapter activities report.
      • Submit semester chapter roster, including chapter officers and advisor.
      • Conduct Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein Speaker Series events twice an academic year.

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